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Most agencies will focus on reach, impressions, or likes. We focus on constantly bringing new customers to your business from search engines, social media, web content by optimizing our efforts for conversions and revenue growth.

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More than 60% of website traffic starts with a search engine query. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) puts your brand at the top of search results for queries relevant to your brand and audience. This valuable advertising real estate can provide an immediate source of targeted traffic to your website, driving conversions and contributing to revenue growth.

Our PPC services include:
• PPC Research
• PPC Strategy Development
• Campaign Setup
• PPC Optimization

At Oldman Digital, we have extensive experience leveraging PPC to drive growth for our clients. Our approach to PPC is data-driven, which allows us to deploy campaigns that focus on efficiency and constant improvement.

Content marketing matters because Google like content, drives more sales, lets you control the conversation, and educate your website’s visitors. It also increases the credibility of your brand.

Social Media has changed how brands communicate with their audiences forever. Whether your business is a B2B or B2C brand, social media is a powerful way to build brand awareness, create a positive image, and drive lead generation. We specialize in strategic social media campaigns that focus on building and protecting a positive brand image, creating loyalty among fans, and driving new leads for your business.

Our full suite of social media services includes:
• Social Strategy Development
• Social Media Consulting
• Social Media Advertising
• Community Engagement

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Audience Analytics

Web & App analytics are extremely powerful digital marketing assets.

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With the wealth of data provided by an expert analytics team, we can make intelligent decisions that improve your overall marketing ROI and profitability.

We specialize in making sense of the mountain of data that your website and/or app generates every day. Our data-driven, metrics-focused approach allows us to extract key insights from data that appears indecipherable to others, giving your marketing team the knowledge they need to work effectively.

Our list of website and/or app analytics includes:
• Analytics Implementation
• Traffic Analysis
• Data Integration
• Conversion Tracking & Optimization

Website/App & Project Management

Your website and/or app are the center of your digital presence.

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It’s one of the few places on the internet where you can deliver your brand’s message free of distortion or distraction. Oldman Digital’s web development and project management services are perfect for brands at any stage.

Our web development team can help you build your brand’s website from the ground up. We specialize in building websites that tell a unique brand story while meeting the expectations of today’s most discerning consumers.

If your website is already built but isn’t performing to expectations, we can perform a detailed audit and work with you to improve site architecture, design, and responsiveness.

Graphic & Logo Design

Your website and brand should be marketing-ready to maximize the results.

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The time spent to craft the image of your website is very important since this will help bring the focus to the flow of information and will play an important part in converting the incoming traffic.

WordPress Config & Optimization

Speed matters, particularly when it comes to loading time.

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You can’t afford to waste a second on the internet. In fact, if your WordPress site is sluggish and forces users to wait for even a few seconds, you’re likely to feel the negative effects right away. You can see rising bounce rates, decreased conversions, and poor search rankings.

We’ll take care to boost website performance and optimize for speed. We’ll also look at how you can diagnose problems that slow down your site and, more crucially, how to fix them.

Search Engine Optimization

Billions of web browsing sessions begin with a search query every day.

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With more than a billion websites competing for the top spot in search results, it can be difficult to drive traffic to your site from search engines.

At Oldman Digital, we specialize in an innovative approach to SEO that uses white-hat tactics to put your website at the top of your target audience’s searches.

Our SEO services include:
• Keyword Research
• Technical SEO
• Full SEO Audits
• SEO Consulting

Strategy & Copywriting

The website is the foundation for your presence on the web.

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This is where you will direct users with the marketing efforts but also where the direct traffic goes. As a result, it’s critical to keep it updated and provide reliable information. Also sometimes it’s helpful to create special landing pages optimized for certain marketing campaigns.

Google Business Profile

Take charge of the way your business appears on Google Search and Maps

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You have to take advantage of this service which offers a plethora of benefits like showing your business in Maps, displaying a lot more info than an organic result, receiving reviews of your business, accessing insights of your visitors and business, and after it’s configured it only needs to be kept updated. It’s a powerful tool that makes your business more visible on the internet, for free, above the organic results.

Domain Registration & WebHosting

Let’s take care of your website, since its creation because it’s essential to your business.

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We’ll find your place online with an excellent domain name and include hosting services meant to reduce costs by eliminating the need for upfront, capital-intensive investments and replacing them with a monthly subscription fee. Hence, you can focus on higher-value projects related to business growth.

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